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Bluetooth car hands-free


Product features: 1. Up to 5.5 hours of talk time continuous, standby time more than 500 hours.
2. Have the language dial-up, four easy operation function keys, convenient drivers
Use; Support call waiting and conference calls function.
3. Including built-in rechargeable lithium battery, easy to carry.
4. Stable performance, links and fast, within the scope of operation is sensitive, search
5. With the fashion sit frame and double-sided adhesive for easy installation, can be easily
Used in cars, office and so on.
6. Used to top the echo of the car processing and noise suppression technology,
Ensure that the best in the industry call quality
Bluetooth version: bluetooth 2.0 standard, Class II
The working distance: 10 m (33 the English)
inch: 82 mm * 50 mm * 25.7 mm
Heavy quantity: 49 g (including the battery)
Recognize card: BQB, CE, FCC, WEEE and RoHS

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